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December 2007



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Dec. 8th, 2007


Welcome to Hell


“Here we are!” Jimmy said as he walked around the car. Shae opened the car door, pulling herself out, mindful of the large step down out of the truck. Before her, standing alone in the vast wastes of the desert was a small wooden shack, hastily put together and seemingly ready to fall apart at any given time. The wind howled by as a stagecoach tumbleweed rolled past her feet.


“This… is it?” She asked in a small voice, the disappointment evident.  “Yessiree!” Said Jim cheerfully, hooking his thumbs on his overalls. “Come on, let me take you inside!” He went forward towards the shack, throwing open the three crookedly nailed together boards of wood that passed for a door. Shae watched in horror, speechless at the sight before her. “Here’s the main commons area.” Said Jim, bringing them inside. The walls were unevenly placed loose boards of wood, with sunlight filtering through in multitudes of places. The ceilings were in no better shape, with moss and mildew protruding along the edges and corners. Flies permeated the air, going about their business in the dimly lit room. A worn couch sat alone in the center with stuffing falling out in various places. Garbage was across the floor everywhere, building up in piles making it hard to walk around. Shae realized to her dismay there was no floor, only the same dust and dirt as there was outside.


“Oh… my…” She managed to utter, a look of utmost shock, horror, and panic making its way across her face. “This here’s the kitchen.” Continued Jim in his thick redneck accent, oblivious to her concerns. Though they walked into another room that was in much worse condition then the room previous, Shae had trouble noticing her surroundings, which had begun to swirl around her, her head feeling dizzy. “Umm…”She muttered softly. Her breath grew quick and short as her situation became more and more apparent, the reality finally sinking in. “This is JoeBob.” Jim said, gesturing to a large man in beat up jeans and an undershirt with various stains on it. “Hello…” Shae said awkwardly, trying her best to manage some sort of smile, though it was crossed with a grimace.


They turned to the next room. “And this here’s the Jon.” Jim said, throwing open another hastily made door to a room with a wooden box against the wall, a circle cut into it that led to a dark abyss that radiated the foulest stench known to man. Shae was at a loss for words.  The shock had finally set in as the room began to spin around her, the monstrosity of the smell seemingly eating away her senses and brain. Dimly, she saw Jim kneel down over her, seeing his buck teeth as he said something to her…




Shae sat up in bed panting hard looking around the room in a frenzy. Slowly, she came to her senses, realizing what had happened. Turning off the alarm, she let her breathing slow, placing a hand over her heart as she breathed a shaky sigh of relief. ‘It was a dream, just a dream…’ She thought, calming down. “What a nightmare…” She breathed out loud.  Today was going to be fine, she decided. An outpost like that was totally ridiculous, not to mention impractical and strategically unsafe. Where she was going was undoubtedly a nice clean place, with nice people, and nice flushing toilets. There was no need to be worried, really.


            She set about getting ready for the day, showering, getting dressed, and packing up the last of her things, checking over the boxes and their contents one final time before finally heading out. An hour and a half later Shae found herself at the main base of dimension #6852, seated in the main lobby, waiting patiently for the operatives from the outpost to arrive.



The above story is entirely fictional. The words, story, characters, and everything else belong to Tiger and Laviel, except for Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and any other copyrighted movie, tv show, book, or characters mentioned. 

Aug. 18th, 2007


Villette Station Roleplay

In a large, diverse world, where dozens, even hundreds of dimensions exist, the Dimensional World Order (DWO) exists for the sole purpose of keeping the peace, to maintain the unseen boundaries between the worlds. These worlds are the ones we see in all sorts of movies, TV shows, and animes. Even ones with the slightest differences are entirely different dimensions. Some worlds have the single planet “earth”, while others may have multitudes.

The DWO’s duties include a form of unseen policework; putting an end to illegal weapons, technology, and drug trafficking between worlds. It’s more prominent and dominating duty, however, is to keep the other worlds secret until a dimension, on its own, discovers the existence of them. Until then, it’s the DWO’s job to make sure everything goes smoothly. The DWO also manages the supervision of any inter-dimensional immigrants in that particular area, while also keeping an eye out for illegal technologies and other trouble. Another duty is to take care of ‘skippers’, people traveling dimensions illegally. Interdimensional rifts, a random occurrence where a small portal to another dimension opens for a short amount of time, sometimes sends unfortunate beings into completely other worlds. The DWO is responsible for finding such individuals and sending them back home, preferably without them finding out too much.

All operatives of the DWO, field troops or otherwise, are classified into a level 1-10, with 10 being the highest. 1-3 would be the average foot soldier, with little to do than follow strictly to simple orders. After level 10, the next rank is ‘Agent’, the best of the best. (Agents are used sparingly; often one or two agents will be the equivalent of a whole squadron of troops.) Despite being technically close in rank, there is a large gap between rank 10 and Agent, where Agents are given more freedom to move about and on their own. Operatives are all trained in the same basics, but often move onto specialized teaching once a specialty (or specialties) is/are established. Just because a character isn’t good at firing guns doesn’t mean they can’t receive a high rank.

 Welcome to Villette station; an outpost in the populous, yet peaceful Dimension #6852. (This world is almost exactly like our own, mostly the same technology, styles, etc; but with different and history.) Though located in the city Palamaon Bay, its distance from headquarters and lack of inter-dimensional activity leaves it a fairly inactive duty to be preformed. The dimension closely resembles a large amount of other dimensions; it’s been found and proven that, particularly with the human race, history repeats itself.

Villette station is known to the ‘natives’ as the Lunete Café (and Bar); A small French Café in the shopping district during the day, a bar at night. Cecil, the local communications officer, and a well-known playboy, is the higher-up in charge of the base, though he does little more than pass on general orders to the operatives. The ground floor is a fully functional Café and bar, the upstairs serves as housing for Cecil and his little sister Kizzy, while a secret set of stairs leads to a fairly large underground area that serves as the outpost’s main base.

[credit to Tiger~]